Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Snapshots from the Land Before Time

Breathe, it's the new year. 
A cold, snowy, white wonderland,
 where the single dove comes to eat among the squawking stellars,
calmly finding her sustenance.
The lone deer nibbles her way through the forest, 
and the turkeys leave their footprints on the porch.
The racoon's paws pass by the chicken coop.
The snow gives up his stalking,
but the hens are secure, warm and tight in the hay.
Today, the chickadees ate last, but they are not forgotten.
The hens are happy to share.
And the boy eats stuffed olives with his oatmeal...
 and the box turtle soaks with his lichens by the wood stove. 
 You never know when elves and rabbits might appear, 
or angels too.
Or maybe some muscle,
right when you need it.
Have Courage in the new year.
Carve time for Life.
And maybe eat some Bibimbap too...
...lots of Bibimbap.
As Orthodox Christmas approaches, we cling.
We are still trying to be filled with carols and Christ.
We are not willing to let go of the lights and Light.
Soak up winter.
Connect with what is sacred.
 While, I can barely remember what I've read this fall,
and I've nary time for words, I'm listening and looking:
for the sacred and the silly and my Savior in the new year.

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