Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Musings

  If you have a garden and a library you have everything you need. 
~ Cicero
The last few days, I'm asking myself what this space is about. There's lots to write, but what is worthy of the effort? Precious and rare, are moments to put pen to paper. Lately, limited time has kept me from finishing several posts. These include, but are not limited to:
  • Gettysburg Battlefield, PA 
  • Philadelphia with Kids
  • A Letter Across the Divide to home schoolers and public schoolers about love and what we've seen on both sides of the spectrum.
  • Schooling resources such as Life of Fred Math and Life of Fred Physics that I'm stoked about.
  • Homer's Odyssey at Corban College (go see it!)
  • Day to day life for family far and near.
That said, we are struggling to keep up with life right now, as are many. We are so ready for Thanksgiving break. We are ready for time. Time to be together. Time to sit by the fire and read. Time to work on craft projects, and time to bake with family. Time to BE. Time to DWELL. Time to LOOK. (Under rocks, for some of us :-) Time to see what is around the next bend. Time to think about GRATITUDE. Time to accept GRACE. Time to MUSE. Time to PONDER.
I have a million little scraps of paper tucked away in drawers and many book projects I'm working towards. Writing: It's what I do. Ah, but which project to work on today? They all feel inspired by the Lord! I'm throwing caution to the wind today and posting a teeny tiny tidbit of something I'm working on. This is rough, rough, rough, but I'm gonna be brave. It's time. And no, I'm not going to tell you more about the project, but I am several pages deep in it.

He'd always been a noticer. He took it all in. His sharp eyes missed nothing. Growing up around ink and paper, he'd doodled as much as he could: plants, animals, trees, and every kind of insect. Some people looked for the pot of gold – He looked for the rainbow. He knew printing wasn't his destiny, but he'd use those skills to find his destiny. He'd make it happen. Like the ocean, his destiny spread out before him, and he set sail. The waves pushed him towards a distant shore. Daily, the mast of the ship, reminded him of the tall trees he so eagerly sought.

That's your story tidbit for this Friday. But, because books are pivotal to healthy and happy people at our house I'm also sharing these book links:
Stealing Magic (Thorne Room Mystery)
Secrets of Shakespeare's Grave
Creating Innovators
The Secret of the Ginger Mice
The Natural Navigator

Anna was Here

Right now, I'm also totally obsessed with Matt Redman's, Your Grace Finds Me. My bones are soaking up this song. I am thirsty.
Wherever the path takes you today, be intentional. 
Time to RISK. 

(Photos are from the Chinese Garden in Portland, Oregon. On a recent day, car work found me wondering new paths for a few hours, and of course the path also went to Powell's Books.)