Monday, August 29, 2016

Hello, Again

We have been doing a lot of balancing this summer: work, life, children, jobs, love, fun, play, school, learning, and faith. You too?
Slowly, we are getting better at balancing this thing called life. Maybe, we are learning to say, "no," or maybe, I'm getting better at less planning and grasping, "Do what comes next."
There's always a lot of new things to try, and turning of the heads as we try them. "Which direction to go?" She coxed a couple of races for the first time. 
Given his work schedule, it's a miracle he made it to the water. 
 He's a good sport, wherever you take him. Mostly.
We added a young friend for much of the month with Safe Families for Children.
 And managed to meet family near Muir's mountain for a night.

  Then play more on sandy shores,
 and see some fishies.
 We tried to take it all in. 
One day at a time.
Grateful for every moment, and every girl.
Then, this past weekend, she took us to 5,000 feet and made it. 
Some days that's good enough. 
 We rested, read, and got sun burnt. 
Some of us. 
 We tried new, scary things, and got through them.
We smiled.
We were brave.
We did the next thing.