Monday, April 23, 2018

Welcome to the Nut House

 I picked up this sign for the house. 
It aptly fits this season of our lives.
Winter fell slow and then hit hard with 9" of snow around the last bits of March.
Tomorrow we hit 80 degrees, so they say.
 While winter, they got in lots of ice skating
 and even more downhill skiing and snowboarding,
along with some agate hunting on the Oregon Coast.
 Then spring made her first appearance inside an Aunt's barn.
The real deal, that spring weather.
Before we sneezed, thirteen rounded the Easter bend,
throwing us for a loop. 
What a ride it's been, this year.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

On the Eve of Winter

 On the eve of winter, the world feels askew. 
Surely Mary felt: 
the wrong birth, the wrong time, the wrong place, the wrong world.
In her dark times, she was embraced by few.
 In our dark times, we walk Advent together.
We laugh.
 We dance.
 We embrace.
We walk. 
Seeking bravery,
and boldness.
We trust for a guiding light in these dark days.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Summer into Fall

The things we do to motivate play.

Shells, not other stuff....

Alsea River

Always, lots of soccer. 

Portland Fall Classic

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

July 2017

 July began in Astoria for a work project for the Mister.
We rented beach bikes in Cannon Beach.

 Warrenton's 4th of July parade was small town fun.
 They always love this chess set at the Fort Stevens KOA.
  Then it was back to Cal-Poly for EPIC.
A family member paid for one student and the college offered an out of state scholarship for another student. We stayed in tiny and quiet Santa Margarita which was perfect for us and reasonably priced.
He had a blast! She had a good time, and took the time to learn about college. We came away very impressed by Cal-Poly's "Learn by Doing" motto. This focus is lived out all over campus as students have access to labs and projects 24/7. Every college student we met and interacted with was enthusiastic about the education they are receiving; we were specifically asking about the engineering school. That said, the food options are not as great as in Corvallis (if you have dietary needs), and SLO the town, is not quite as laid back as Corvallis, but still a very nice area!!!
 In late July, she turned 14! Wow!
 Then we headed to Boston for work training. 
Here they are on the water taxi to downtown from the airport.
 We raced through the Freedom Trail Walk in 3 hours.
It was interesting, but not as special to us as Philly.
The rushing part probably didn't help.
Boston overall is clean, but very EXPENSIVE. 
Thank goodness for hotel reward nights!
Our favorite food in Boston was found in Little Italy:  
Ernesto's: where each slice of NY style pizza can feed two people, and
Maria's Pastry (though we also tried Mike's which was good!)
 Then while I studied, they adventured all week at:
The Groton Submarine Museum
Mystic Seaport
Yale Peabody Museum
Dinosaur State Park, CT
The Connecticut Science Center

 They took more pictures on my camera of rocks than I care to process.
He fell in love with the Mystic library. Like over the top in love. He's decided he will be an electrical or nuclear engineer, move to Mystic, and volunteer at the library. I think it's quite possible. He cried when we had to leave; it was moving.

On our final weekend, we transitioned to Onset, MA. Onset is a darling town very near the Cape without the mind-blowing prices. A lovely little village on the water, our Onset lodging was 1 block to the beach. The highlight of the weekend was the Shining Sea Bike Trail. We biked from Falmouth to Woods Hole, parked our bikes, and explored the village. It was very reasonable to rent bikes for the day, and they came with locks, storage, and helmets. Super fun!

We finally headed back to Boston to fly home (to 105 degrees). Before doing so, we visited Harvard, with everyone else in the world. It was my turn to take hundreds of photos at the Peabody Museum. We then scooted over to the MIT Museum, which disappointed us a bit, but was still interesting. July was busy!