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Monday, February 9, 2015

For the Love of Learning, on Monday

 There must be a limit you put on P.G. Wodehouse.

   Wow, it's really been a Monday. If only it would pour patience. In a home filled with book nuts, it's not easy to put down pleasure books on Monday and hit the text books intentionally. Yet hit the books we must, as we skipped school last Friday, venturing to Seattle to see a doctor. So very thankful for good reports and continued healing. We came home bearing goodies and Mee Sum Pastry for the boys.
Reading for Pleasure
The Secret of the Key, & all the Sixty Eight Rooms Adventure books.
Sixty Eight Rooms is based upon the Thorne Rooms.
Sis has really enjoyed the Great Tales of English History series.
Life in Motion, Misty Copeland
 Learning, Loving, Living
AIA Portland
Biology Lecture by Kelly Benoit-Bird, an OSU scientist. She discussed the use of sound/sonar/acoustics to study species abundance in the ocean based upon prey density vs. prey abundance.
Indoor winter soccer
Ceili dancing 
Archery, when we don't have to skip because of homework. 
Science Saturdays at the University
 Pondering These Great Articles/Sites
Teacher Expectations Influence Student Performance (NPR),
True for parents too, whether we home school or not.

   This NY Times article is really important for our girls. While, we don't feel sis has been limited in any way by her teachers (except me some days :-), we are already seeing how hard it is to help girls grow in their love of science, technology, and math. STEM is often a lonely world, lacking females. I don't know the root of it, but sis is already learning that if she wants to get involved with technology, math, or science, she'll be in the minority. Boys and men still dominate, especially in engineering. Every opportunity she's offered to work with other women and girls in STEM is so appreciated. She's learning how to forge ahead with a forehead like flint (with the boys), while yet exhibiting manners. What a dichotomy! Programs such as Discovering the Scientist Within are truly important for our girls.