Sunday, April 2, 2017

Spring's Arrival

Sitting smart in the Governor's chair.
In March, she was a page in the House of Representatives. 
She's pondering paging in the Senate next.
She learned a lot and had fun.
I eavesdropped on Senators and Representatives in the cafeteria. 
A few conversations were deep, engaging, and involved.
A few were...hmmm....disappointing. 
Let us get involved...
we the people.
   We got out of dodge for a few days over spring break.
Bunkering at Fort Worden

 Dosewallips State Park

The Olympics rising above Dosewallips.
Fort Worden
   He made a friend in camp, which ironically, was the son of a man who attended the MATE ROV class we attended in January. They had a blast. They both, of course, did not pack enough clothing for the amount of water, sand, and salt they dredged up, and both their mothers were chagrined.

   He too, is having a busy spring. He had a band concert, but I forgot my camera. It's amazing what a few months of band practice can do!

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