Tuesday, May 16, 2017

May: When Lilacs Bloom

We're still here. 
Had visitors this month - an unexpected charming handful!
 I am so often easy to please - in the driver's seat. 
Safe Families for Children remind me of my need to trust and let go.
Let go, and let God. 
 That Asher: he's a handful of happiness. 
 Then there's happy, delicious, which Miss C baked, and we ate!
 He's been busy on Grandpa provided projects,
 and many many hours of spring soccer. 
 For someone's 12th birthday we had red-neck sushi.
It's a deep fried tempura battered pork roll with sweet sauce.
 He acquired his ham radio license!
 Yes, that cake was dry; it was.
Can't win em' all. 
The hat - it's a birthday must. 

She spent much of her spring building a Mars Axel. The Axel is the next generation rover to go to Mars. She also wrote a 7 page paper and did an amazing slide show presentation. So proud of her hard work.

It's May and a bit of warmth embraces us. The rains still fall, but the garden is tilled and ready to go. I will plunk plants in ground this weekend. She's intent on summer blooms.

We are working to finish school and STEM work strong and keep engaging with Safe Families. Don't know where my writing has gone, but searching for it this summer. 

We also enjoyed these this winter:McFarland, USA, Hidden Figures, and The Queen of Katwe.

Here's to a summer of learning and loving!

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