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Thursday, January 12, 2017

MATE ROV: Marine Advanced Technology Education w/ Remotely Operated Vehicles

Because even adults can learn a thing or two! 
A Saturday workshop at the Barbey Center in Astoria. 
The Pufferfish Kit from MATE ROV 
We had some buoyancy/balance issues, but for building and constructing in under 90 minutes, we felt pretty good.  
I soldered the entire circuit board. I am very proud of myself!

If underwater marine robotics is of interest to your students or you, check out:
   I like MATE ROV for a couple of reasons: one, it seems less intense than Lego (and I do like FLL Lego Robotics)!  Second, it does not start at the beginning of the school season like FLL, but starts in December which makes the start to your school year a bit less intense. Third, registration is a bit cheaper if you are in the 3 least experienced tiers. You register your team for the tier you feel they are ready for: beginner, beginner/intermediate, advanced, and expert. Fourth, students on teams must vote their team mates into positions i.e., you have to work your way into that position with intention. Fifth, the kits for underwater robotics are cheaper and teams are encouraged to do as much as possible with what they have on hand and with renewable items. Finally, the future of underwater robotics off the Oregon coast and for development is huge and interesting to many and will create great opportunities for many students. 

 Teachers: you can now sign up your class for one of these Pufferfish workshops at the Columbia Maritime Museum in Astoria.  Homeschoolers, you too, can get a group of students together and take this class.

What is required of future marine electronics in the world of energy?

1. They must generate enough energy to have their cost justifiable.
2. They must withstand extreme ocean conditions for years and years.

   Did you know that the Pacific Continental Shelf has enough wave energy to supply 1/3rd of the United State's energy needs?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Water Birth

When you pass through the waters,  I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers,  they will not sweep over you. ~ Isaiah 43:2

The water beckons me come. The memory of the womb, lies deep within. The water soothes me, gently lapping at lovely memories. The water and womb, a place where my chatter and chaos meets calm.

There are barriers to be crossed for sure. But, barriers, when crossed, birth us.

The water lapping against the piers, is just now, gentle. But some days the waves rage and the land disappears. There is only the wave, but it shall not consume. Though the barrier of the bar must be crossed, hold onto that wave. Ride it out. Ride it high. Trust. He who made the wave, will take you and I to shore. A shore in which we might hold our head up, and discover a new and distant land.

Ride the wave. Ride it high. 

~ Kim